The FT on the CORE rollout

Thu 25th September 2014 | Blog

FT logoIn an article (“Universities to revamp economics courses”) published Monday describing our ebook, the Financial Times reported that “Universities across four continents are rolling out a revamped economics curriculum” (requires free registration).

Among other subjects the article covered the potential impact of our material on teaching methods: “This leaves more time for applications to policy and empirical problems in class,” Wendy Carlin told the FT, “In the past weeks, our first users at two US universities have found the medium very attractive.” 

As the article says, the ebook will “be modified by online crowdsourcing of student and faculty comments, as well as by other economists.” So in the next 12 months we will discover if we have helped create more interactive teaching, freeing time in class for discussion. If, as a teacher, you have experimented with any part of our course in class, or have a point of view about how suitable it would be in this context, please let us know.

UPDATE: An editorial published in Friday’s FT returned to the subject, suggesting that a modern curriculum needs to “pay more attention to unorthodox thinkers such as Joseph Schumpeter, Friedrich Hayek and – yes – even Karl Marx”. Our ebook introduces students to all three of them, and some of their ideas.