The CORE Project at the University of Siena

Wed 8th October 2014 | Blog

Professor MaMassimossimo D’Antoni writes:

The Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Siena is delighted to have the opportunity to join the CORE project and to contribute to its ongoing development.

We fully share CORE’s underlying vision that students should learn what economics is about, with an approach as broad and open as possible, before they are taught a specific abstract model. The ebook developed by the CORE project meets this objective. We have therefore planned to introduce CORE’s curriculum for the introductory course at our university.

We are currently working on an Italian translation of The Economy that will be ready at the beginning of the second semester of the current academic year (March 2015) to the benefit of our (more than 500) first year students. The Italian version will include material specially relevant to the Italian economy produced by our team.

We hope that other Italian universities will follow suit and join us in using this textbook as an introductory textbook for students of economics and business.

Towards this end we will launch the Italian version of the curriculum at a meeting in Siena, inviting all of those interested in its use and adoption to participate.

[In italiano]