Interactive visualisations on inflation, the global distribution of income and wealth, and the network transmission of COVID-19.


Understanding inflation and Central Bank policy choices

Get in the shoes of a central bank policymaker! Use CORE’s inflation tool to discover what causes inflation in the economy and what means a central bank policymaker has to get it back to its target level. 

Apply and deepen your knowledge of the WS/PS model, and test your understanding with questions and exercises.

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Discover how we developed the inflation tool, thanks to the intuition of a brilliant undergraduate students and the collaboration between academics and a PhD student.

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View inequality with Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers are interactive, 3-D visualizations of the distribution of global income and wealth. You can explore the global Skyscrapers showing distributions for all countries between 1980 and 2020, or you can build your own Skyscrapers for years and countries of your choice. 

View global distributions between 1980 and 2020 Build your own Skyscraper, choose years and countries
Income inequality

Wealth inequality

Income and wealth inequality compared

Income inequality

Wealth inequality

Explore COVID-19 using transmission networks

In this simulation, you can see how a virus spreads across a population over time, and its associated effects on the economy and income inequality. You can compare the outcomes under two different scenarios: no virus mitigation measures, and social distancing.

Please note that due to technical reasons, this visualisation performs best in small teaching contexts, for example, a seminar of 20 people.

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